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04 September 2008

Update best written with antacid

Two things:

The Moloid in its native habitat 1) As you’ve probably noticed, I missed this week’s Tuesday update. Sorry. The Labor Day weekend is traditionally the time I set aside for descending into the bowels of the Earth and subduing the Moloids for another year by defeating their leaders in a no-hold-barred, to-the-death chili cookoff. Every year, I spare their leaders’ lives; every year, when I return, they behave as if my act of mercy didn’t happen. This may be because of their cruel, tyrannical natures, or it could be that Moloids have the memory span of goldfish. Or that their generations last less than a year. It’s difficult to say, and between this blog and preparing for the annual cookoff, I have no time to research the subject. If any readers have the answer, I would love to hear it, because I don’t think it’s going to be long before Worcestershire sauce and tarragon won’t be enough to stave off tangy flavor of defeat.

That being said, here is the schedule for reviews:

  • This week (or tomorrow, for practical purposes): Essential Defenders, v. 4
  • Next week: Black and White Week, featuring Zot! and Usagi Yojimbo, v. 22: Tomoe’s Story.
  • The week after that: Golden Oldies Week, with Watchmen and Agents of Atlas (it qualifies, since it reprints some comics from the ‘50s)

2) Hello to those who came to this site (specifically the review of Avengers West Coast: Darker than Scarlet) from When Fangirls Attack. It was startling, when looking at my Google Analytics account, to see the scale of the number of daily visitors change by nearly an order of magnitude. Welcome, hope to see you again, and this message has been posted after you’ve all left so I’m talking to myself.

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