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18 April 2009

Now I Am Sad

Chris Giarrusso will be doing no more Mini-Marvels, as he states in this interview with Comic Book Resources.

Marvel wants to make sure no one confuses Mini-Marvels with Super Hero Squad. Given that Mini-Marvels are funny, I’m sure that wouldn’t have happened. And I suppose selling out of a digest collection is something to avoid again. In any event, it makes me more eager for Giarrusso’s G-Man collection. You can see some his G-Man stuff at the interview; it looks as funny as his Mini-Marvels work.

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Blogger Marc said...

I saw this as well, and it is quite disappointing. I remember looking forward to a new Mini-Marvels strip each month, about seven years ago (I read a lot more monthly books back then), so it's really sad to see it go in this fashion. I mean, Super Hero Squad isn't even the least bit entertaining.

Oh, you said, I guess we'll just have to support Mr. Giarrusso through G-Man instead.

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