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08 May 2009

Another excuse

I missed putting up a review; a special review will be up tomorrow. You, the loyal reader, deserve a better excuse than “my personal life was crazy” or “I was crushed by the amount of work I had to do this week.” Frankly, you can get those kind of excuses anywhere, and we all know they’re lies, just excuses for being too lazy to put in the kind of quality work an unpaid “labor of love” deserves. So you get a better excuse. Like this one:

I didn’t write an excuse for not posting a review on Tuesday.

I don’t think it needs to be excused.

I was on my decennial trek to Mt. Belmont, where I went through several trials to purge my guilt and obligations. I sat in the rain for hours until a disembodied voice from the heavens told me I could leave. I toured the overpriced markets and bazaars and had to resist purchasing items. I studied. I meditated. I slept in strange beds, ate food I prepared myself, and learned to conquer my fears.

And then I returned home, and I’m already covered with guilt and obligations again. Which is a shame, but there will be a review up today. Probably.

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Anonymous Phantom Stranger said...

I always enjoy your "excuse" posts, sometimes more than your actual reviews! ...though this one was decidedly less hilarious that previous ones.

Hang in there. I look forward to your next round of posts.

Hope all is well.

10:12 PM  
Blogger Raoul said...

Thanks for the encouragement ... Everything is fine; it was just visitors came from Thursday to Wednesday, and I could only get one review written ahead of time. It happens.

Glad you like the excuses. I had wondered how those went over.

1:33 AM  

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