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09 September 2009

If This Not Be Bromance —

Marvel Super Hero Team-Up coverI am both relieved and disappointed to see that the TPB Marvel had solicited as Marvel Bromance has been released this week as Marvel Super Hero Team-Up.

Relieved, because Good Lord, Marvel Bromance was an awful name, and “Bromance” is a word that is helpful only because it identifies its users as socially deficient numbskulls. (I suppose it can be used ironically, although I’m not sure that’s any better.)

Disappointed, because, well, “Marvel Bromance” would be worth a laugh for years, and now there’s nothing to distinguish this collection. Hey — it’s a random bunch of team-ups! Of course, I could have bought Essential Marvel Team-Up, v. 3, and then I would have had a consecutive run of random team-ups instead.

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