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14 September 2010

A Journey to the Amazon

Comic Book Collections for Libraries coverAfter receiving my publisher’s catalog yesterday, I found out the book my wife and I wrote about comic books in libraries — cleverly titled Comic Book Collections for Libraries — has an ISBN (9781598845112) and a release date (January 2011). And like I so often do when I get an ISBN, I looked the book up on Amazon, and there it was, complete with the cover drawn by our friend, Derek Steed.

It just keeps getting more and more real all the time.


Blogger Marc said...

Congratulations once again! I've read a handful of books about comic books and graphic novels in libraries over the last few months, but most of them were several years old and not one was written with the level of knowledge that I can tell you'll bring to the table just from reading your blog. In other words, I'll be looking forward to it!

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