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10 January 2011

Buy two, by the bye

Two things I forgot to mention in my post last week about where to get graphic novels:

1. Edward R. Hamilton is an online remainderer that has recently been offering discounted graphic novels. Currently, there are more than 200 Marvel books and 70 Dark Horse books available. As you can imagine, the selection is a little sparse, but when you can pick up some Marvel Essentials for $2.95 (like both volumes of Essential X-Factor and Essential Wolverine, v. 4), then that’s not something you complain about. Most of the books are more than half off, with some being as ridiculously discounted as the Essentials I mentioned. Other publishers are also available. DC books are offered, but their discounts are generally Amazon level (which is good) rather than a ridiculous 50 to 75 percent off. Shipping is a flat $3.95, whether you buy one book or 100. To find comics, I find it easiest to search for the publishers’ names under their search box (and select the “publisher” radio box as well).

2. Your local library is a no-cost option. Many libraries are adding graphic novels, since people, you know, read them. And more of them are actually adding popular books, as my soon-to-be-released book advises, instead of copying lists of The 50 Greatest Graphic Novels. I am privileged to have access to both a public library and a university library (through my wife, who works at one), and both offer collected editions. Check out your library; check out the books to let the library know what you like. If the library has a suggestion box, suggest other collected editions to buy. If you really want a book the library doesn’t have, ask them to interlibrary loan it for you. (Since it costs them money and hours to ILL books, they’ll get the point even faster through this method). To find graphic novels at libraries, it’s easiest to shelf browse, unfortunately. Some libraries might have standard subject or name headings for their collections, though; poke around in your library’s catalog to see.

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