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25 January 2011

It's here!

Proof has finally arrived that the book I co-wrote, Comic Book Collections for Libraries, has actually been printed. My author’s copies arrived in the mail Monday (or possibly they arrived on Friday or Saturday; I was babysitting over the weekend).

Comic Book Collections for Libraries cover

Cover by Derek Steed.

As for when the rest of the world will get the book, I have no idea; Amazon still says the book will be out at the end of the month, although January 30 is absurd — who releases a book on a Sunday? the book appears to be available now! Now! Amazing!

News from the last few weeks has already made some of the information out of date, although most of it isn’t important. For instance, Joe Quesada isn’t editor in chief at Marvel any more; DC and Archie are about to withdraw from the Comics Code Authority; Wizard is heading for that old recycle bin in the sky. I’ll have to get cracking on a corrections page soon.

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