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02 April 2010

Uninspired Excuse

I missed putting up a review today. You, the loyal reader, deserve a better excuse than “my personal life was crazy” or “I was crushed by the amount of work I had to do this week.” Frankly, you can get those kind of excuses anywhere, and we all know they’re lies, just excuses for being too lazy to put in the kind of quality work an unpaid “labor of love” deserves. So you get a better excuse. Like this one:

No review this week. I’m traveling to a far off land, where the horses sweat wine and cavalry charges were very uncoordinated, where wizards lurk in the shadows and wizened gnomes do their feckless bidding, where rivers flow with chocolate icebergs through peppermint bank …

… I can’t continue that. It’s horrible, and frankly, I’m getting sickened just by writing it. I’m actually going to my grandmother’s 90th birthday party. Happy?

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Blogger Marc said...

Happy birthday to your grandma! Looking forward to your next review, as's hoping for Captain America and the Falcon, Vol. 2!! *fingers crossed*

11:34 PM  

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