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22 June 2010

Spider-Man: He Who Smelt It

From the little-remembered ‘90s Spider-Man miniseries, Spider-Man: He Who Smelt It:

Spider-Man: He Who Smelt It

Caption 1: Ben Reilly, the Spider-clone, is considering revealing himself to Aunt May while creepily hanging around outside her Forest Hills home. But there’s something not quite right, not enough to activate his spider-sense but still there …

Caption 2: He has detected what is amiss: Old Lady Stank. Powerful, coming toward him …

Caption 3: So in the proud tradition of the newspaper Spider-Man, he flees, not willing to confront the powerful funk.

(Images penciled by John Romita, Jr., with inks by John Romita, Sr. From the backup in Spider-Man #57.)

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