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23 February 2009

May 2009 Solicitations

May 2009 solicits are out! From Marvel, I’m looking forward to the Essential Spider-Man, v. 9 (finally past issue #200!) and X-Factor, v. 6: Secret Invasion. Can’t say I’m excited about the price of Essentials going up to $20, though.

From Dark Horse, there’s Usagi Yojimbo, v. 23: Bridge of Tears by Stan Sakai. It’s the latest Usagi TPB, collecting issues #94-102 — a good sized book. (Although the trades are way behind — the Usagi comics will be all the way up to #120.) Image has the G-Man, v. 1: Learning to Fly digest by Chris Giarusso, who wrote the Mini Marvels book I loved so much.

Nothing catches my eye from DC, though.

Although it isn’t a trade paperback, the description of Votan by John James from Dark Horse sounds intriguing. The book also has an introduction from Neil Gaiman, who selected this book to be brought back into print. This is the second of six books in the Neil Gaiman Presents line; the first will be The Twilight of the Gods and Other Tales by Richard Garnett.

Anyone else see anything interesting? Requests for reviews, perhaps, or something that just catches your eye?

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